Product Description

    Ultra-high-strength maraging steel. In contrast to heat treatable steels its outstanding tensile properties are not due to a hardened structure with relatively high carbon content, but to precipitation of intermetallic phases from a ductile nickel bearing matrix containing almost no carbon.

    Property Features

    • Cold heading and embossing tools
    • Cold extrusion tools
    • Casings
    • Shear plates
    • Moulds for the plastic industry
    • Die casting tools for aluminium and zinc alloys
    • Hot pressing tools

    Technical Specifications

    Material Numbers


    Chemical Composition

    4.90 18.00 9.30 1.10

    Chemical composition (average %)

    Available product shapes

    • Flat bar

      Flat bar

    • Round bar

      Round bar

    • Complex cut/six side machining

      Complex cut/six side machining



    BÖHLER Toolsteel

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