Product Description

    An increase in productivity in high-tech mould-making can only be achieved by
    using mould steels with materials properties trimmed specifically towards the
    intended use. Due to the increased share of glass-fiber reinforced plastics,
    BÖHLER M340 ISOPLAST is also increasingly suitable for this kind of processing.
    In addition, this grade also provides good food resistance. Approvals for the food
    industry are available from voestalpine BÖHLER Edelstahl.

    Property Features

    Well balanced material properties for an efficient tool manufacturing process:

    • Good machinability
    • Consistently high quality
    • Good polishability
    • Dimensional stability
    • Technical assistance and advice in tool manufacture and use

    Technical Specifications

    Corrosion resistance Machinability supplied Polishability Toughness Wear resistance

    Chemical Composition

    0.54 0.45 0.40 17.30 1.10 0.10

    Chemical composition (average %)

    Available product shapes

    • Flat bar

      Flat bar

    • Round bar

      Round bar

    • Complex cut/six side machining

      Complex cut/six side machining


    BÖHLER Toolsteel

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