Product Description

    Of all the precipitation hardened nickel base superalloys, the L718 is the best known. And rightly so – the high-strength BÖHLER L718 API has excellent corrosion resistance in CO2-H2S and Cl-containing atmospheres, coupled with high-temperature resistance combined with very good cold toughness values. This combination makes the BÖHLER L718 API the preferred material for oil & gas applications, such as deep hole drilling tools and wellbore components of all types.

    Property Features

    L718 API can be ordered in two different strength levels. The variant L718 API Designation 120K has a minimum yield strength of 827 MPa (120 ksi) with very good cold toughness values and a maximum hardness of 39 HRC. For applications where higher strength or reduced wall thickness is required, the L718 API Designation 150K is the perfect choice. An optimized heat treatment developed by BÖHLER Edelstahl enables a minimum yield strength of 1034 MPa (150 ksi) with the same toughness, and a maximum hardness of 45 HRC.

    Technical Specifications

    Material Numbers

    Alloy 718 (API) 2.4668 N07718

    Chemical Composition

    0.01 18.00 3.00 54.00 1.00 0.50 5.00 18.00

    Chemical composition (average %)

    Available product shapes

    • Long Products

      Long Products

    • Open Die Forgings

      Open Die Forgings

    • Semi-Finished Products / Billet

      Semi-Finished Products / Billet


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