Product Description

    The BÖHLER L718 AMPO is a hardenable nickel-base super alloy. This high heat-resistant material shows good strength properties at elevated temperatures up to 750 ° C, as well as excellent creep resistance up to 700 ° C. In addition, it shows excellent corrosion resistance and good printability. Essentially, the same properties can be achieved with printed components made from this powder as with bar material.

    Melting Route


    Property Features

    Particle size distribution 15 – 45 µm:
    D10[µm]                            18 – 24
    D50[µm]                            29 – 35
    D90[µm]                            42 – 50
    Apparent density*           ≥ 3.4 g/cm³
    *Measurement of particle size distribution according to ISO 13322-2 (Dynamic image analysis methods);
    Measurement of apparent density is based on ASTM B964 resp. DIN EN ISO 3923-1 and relates to our typical measured values


    Achievable mechanical properties of printed part after heat treatment*:
    Tensile strength (Rm)                       1400 ± 50 MPa
    Yield strength (RP₀,₂)                       1180 ± 50 MPa
    Elongation (%)                                     18 ± 3
    Hardness                                               46 ± 3 HRc
    *Mechanical strength according to heat treatment AMS5663 RT


    Particle size distribution 45 – 90 µm:
    Details on request

    Technical Specifications

    Material Numbers

    2.4668 NiCr19NbMo/NiCr19Fe19Nb5Mo3 N07718 Alloy 718

    Chemical Composition

    0.04 19.00 3.05 52.50 0.90 0.50 5.13 0.00 Rest

    Chemical composition (average %)



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