Product Description

    BÖHLER S700 – “The high alloy”
    This class comes very close to reaching the limits of the possible in the production of high-speed steels. Its extremely high alloy content sets this type apart with very good wear resistance.

    Property Features

    High grade, tungsten-molybdenum high speed steel, all-purpose grade, with optimum cutting properties, wear resistance and red hardness.

    Technical Specifications

    Compressive strength Grindability Through hardenable Toughness Wear resistance

    Material Numbers

    1.3207 HS10-4-3-10

    Chemical Composition

    1.26 0.25 0.30 4.00 3.60 3.20 9.30 10.00

    Chemical composition (average %)

    Available product shapes

    • Long Products

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    BÖHLER Toolsteel

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