Product Description

    BÖHLER S600 ISORAPID – “The high-speed steel”
    Ideal for mills, spiral bits, and taps, broaches, cold-work tools. BÖHLER S600 ISORAPID is the most commonly used high-speed steel and is the starting material for our customers who deal with high-speed steel.

    Property Features

    Cobalt-alloyed molybdenum high-speed steel with high hardness, excellent cutting properties, outstanding compressive strength, high hot hardness, and good toughness.

    Technical Specifications

    Compressive strength Grindability Through hardenable Toughness Wear resistance

    Material Numbers

    1.3343 HS6-5-2C AISI: ~ M2 reg.C

    Chemical Composition

    0.90 4.10 5.00 1.80 6.20

    Chemical composition (average %)

    Available product shapes

    • Round bar

      Round bar


    BÖHLER Toolsteel

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