Product Description

Use in the jewelery and watch industry.

Property Features

  • Excellent polishability due to a high degree of cleanliness 
  • High corrosion resistance (high content of Cr, Mo and N)
  • Homogeneous and stable autensic microstructure (ferrite content = 0%)
  • Compliant to current standards, RoHS, …
  • Very low level concerning nickel release


Steelmaking Process:  Airmelt+ESR

Chemical Analysis:       optimized for properties

Ferrite Content:             no, 0%

Cleanliness:                   excellent, DIN K0 max. 5

Grain Size:                     6 and finer

Polishabaility:               excellent

Corrosion Resistance: excellent

Technical Specifications

Material Numbers

316L mod.



Chemical Composition

max. 0.03 17.50 2.70 13.00

Chemical composition (average %)

Available product shapes

  • Long Products
  • Plates


BÖHLER Germany

BÖHLER Germany