Mechanical Processing

The machining team at our mechanical processing department has years of experience and competence when it comes to machining. Our employees work for you in three shifts around the clock to handle orders in the mechanical processing of individual parts, small and medium series in a timely manner. Workpiece weights of less than 1 kg up to 10 tons can be machined.


Drawing formats

The CNC programs for the machines are programmed usinga system provided by TEBIS. Thus, we are capable of working with all current CAD formats, such as Step, DXF and Iges files. Excerpt from our machine park.


Reliability and safety

Our directly connected factories guarantee high material availability in consistently high quality and within guaranteed tolerances. This ensures our customers the greatest possible reliability, rapid response times and high delivery reliability.


Machine park

Our machine park includes, amongst other things, horizontal drilling machines, 3-axis and 5-axis machining centres, deep bore milling centres and grinding machines. The use of the latest machinery allows compliance with specified tolerances of up to +/– 0.01 mm and accelerates the entire production process.

Our brochure with detailed information can be found right in the download area.