Heat Treatment

Our high qualified team operates across Germany. We are providing vacuum heat treatment in our facilities in Düsseldorf, Ettlingen and Schnaittach. Therefore our offer for you last from steel, over machining to heat treatment. All out of one hand.


Our offer

heat treatment for tool steel, high alloyed cold work steel, hot work steel, plastic mould steel, high speed steel, powder metallurgic steel and special materials

• Vacuum hardening
• Vacuum tempering
• Vacuum annealing
• Vacuum solution annealing
• Deep freezing
• Highest Quality
• Qualified technical consultancy
• Own delivery service


Your benefit / Advantage

• One contact person for all belongings
• Better Communication
• Short distances
• Professional execution
• Increased competitve ability
• Minor dimensional change
• Minor distortion
• Little refinishing operation
• Metallic bright surface
• Qualified consultancy
• Short delivery times
• High flexibility in heat treatment


Our service

Vacuum hardening is the latest version of heat treatment. Under vacuum no oxidation will take place and therefore a metallic bright tool surface can be achieved. A high dimensional stability and minor distortion are the result of the interaction of the right process parameters, intelligent charge sizes and arrangement and cooling systems with specific nitrogen quenching parameters. If exceedingly dimensional stability is requested we can serve you also with deep freezing facilities. Our heat treatment shop comes with high capacity and flexibility regarding hardening and annealing. With an maximum charge weight of 4500kg and an cooling pressure of up to 13 bar, even big tools e.g. for die casting can be hardened. As well as the equipment, the experienced employees, who are accompanying your tool through the whole process, are the key to success. All parameters will be documented completely, therefore repeatable highest quality can be provided. Our highest quality standards are audited regularly. We are DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certified and are fulfilling the NADCA standards.


Own delivery service

via our own delivery service we can pick up the tools on your request and bring them back after the heat treatment. The delivery times are 3 – 5 working days. Express deliveries are possible on request.