Additive Manufacturing Powder


    Especially in this promising segment, BÖHLER can build on its extensive materials experience and expertise in the field of powder metallurgy. We are expanding our portfolio to include powder for additive manufacturing with the brand BÖHLER AMPO.

    We offer the seven following powders for additive manufacturing under the brand name BÖHLER AMPO, but we are constantly working on expanding our brand portfolio.


    Order quantity | 10 kg minimum
    Particle size distribution | 15 – 45 µm, 45 – 150 µm or customized after request
     DIN no. Characteristics Application
    Patent Ideal for mechanical parts and prototyping Components
    Patent High abrasion resistance, very good thermal fatigue resistance, ideal for die casting applications Hotworktools
    Patent Stainless, high hardness, ideal for plastic injection molding applications. plastic injection molding tools
    2.4856 Nickel based alloy, good corrosion resistance, high toughness, good fatigue resistance. Components
    2.4668 Nickel-base alloy, stainless steel, excellent mechanical resistance (Rm, creep) at a high temperature (T> 750 ° C). Tools- and Components
    1.4542 Structure hardening stainless steel, good corrosion resistance, high toughness. Components
    1.2709 Nickel-chromium alloy, stainless, very good mechanical properties when hot. Components

    The facts at a glance:

    • Atomization of BÖHLER standard brands (theoretical selection from 250 steel brands). Customization of alloys with small scale production plant and metallurgical expertise.
    • BÖHLER leverages the metallurgical knowledge and manufacturing options of a special steel producer for this new technology.
    • Powder is produced on latest atomization techniques and tested in-house.
    • Vacuum induction melting and atomization under inert gas ensure the highest product quality.
    • Depending on the steel grade and customer requirements, raw-materials molten under vacuum or remolten can be used. This ensures the highest quality standards and minimizes undesired impurities.
    • Depending on the requirements of the AM process used, we can provide the appropriate particle fraction in a range from 15-150μm.
    • Properties such as flowability, particle size distribution, and bulk density are ascertained upon request and included in delivery.


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