1535° Precision flat ground

Our product program 1535° offers you precision flat ground manufactured in accordance with DIN 59350, precision flat ground with machining allowance, precision plates, normbars, eroding blocks, as well as ground bars.


Our range

Your benefits

6,000 precisely manufactured dimensions with decarburization-free surface and high angular accuracy

Cost improvement due to efficient machining of the offset optimized dimensions

Premium tool steel quality

Reliability in your production

Efficient ordering processes

Time and cost savings
Fast delivery due to a mordern warehouse and lean logistic processes Our availability in stock reduces your stock due to reliable deliveries
Flexible production of special dimensions Safety due to reliable partner

If your purchase order arrives from Mondays to Thursdays until 3:35 pm and Fridays until 1:00 pm, the order will be picked and packed immediately and the package will be forwarded to our carrier on the same day.

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  • Produktprogramm 1535°

    Präzisionsflachstahl, Präzisionsplatten, Normstäbe, Erodierblöcke, Geschliffene Rundstäbe
    PDF, 6.5 MB